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That would be sooooo cool if the Olympics were in New York City! I live in CT! I would soooo plan to take my vacation during those two weeks so I could mingle and party with the Olympians!

::Thinks:: I sure hope that Michael Phelps is still swimming in 2012. He'll be, what, 27? Isn't that how old the Thorpedo is? I think, and hope, that Michael Phelps will be around for a while.

Isn't Catalina Ponor the Romanian gymnast who won a gold medal on the floor excercise and the balance beam? (Not to mention a Team Gold.) She probably won't be around much longer. Those Romanians prefer their gymnasts to be young and eight years probably won't help very much.

Carly Patterson might be around...but she doesn't need to. She'll be 24, I think. Still young enough, but after getting AA Gold, what else is there?

I really hope the Games come to New York City.
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